Top Interior Trends: From Artisan Appeal to Modern Magnificence

There are several key trends that will heavily influence home décor. With retailers always eager to stay ahead of the curve, they look to these trends for a style advantage – a look that sets them apart in the sea of sameness.  What they have found are style stories as inspired as the shoppers that purchase them, covering themes old and new—and everything in between. 


The New Romantic

An exuberant take on romance never grows old, and today’s approach to home furnishings with feminine flair add exquisitely streamlined design for a modern-day fling on romantic elegance. Think ravishing pops of pink, pretty gilded embellishments, and lush floral motifs—all interwoven for luxe lounging and ethereal looks in that evoke a mesmerizing, calming effect. These romantic design stories are at once chic and radiant, quietly modern, and decidedly dreamy.

Modern Magnificence

As always, bold colors and forms are the hallmark of modern art-inspired décor, which provides uncommon energy, movement, and emotion in the home. Look to abstract and geometric motifs punctuated by spiked shapes and Mondrian and Rorshach inkblot-inspired offerings, all combining to create masterful contemporary compositions. Handcrafted or sculptured, metallic finishes provide the perfect backdrop for a spirited yet organic feel.   

Abstract Artisian

It’s an undeniably modern design story, yet crafted with subtle highlighting such as watercolour-esque strokes and ikat-inspired patterns in both vibrant and subdued hues, both in softer shades as well as sultry darks. Imagery can be exotic or refreshingly simple. Expressive fluidity is key to this fashionable aesthetic, as is the look and feel of one-of-a-kind artwork.

Hola Havana!

The opening of borders sparked a rekindled interest in bold and colorful Cuban interior styling, spotlighting vibrant mid-century designs mingled with Spanish-inspired pieces from the island’s colonial era. Playful flora and fauna motifs, tile prints, and choice ornate accents perfectly capture this Caribbean lifestyle with its exuberant, happy-go-lucky lifestyle—full of frolic and effervescence. Hand-blown glass looks, all things rattan and bamboo, and shiny, lacquered finishes complete this enchanting island story.

Think Pink

Pink color stories build off the popularity of sweet romance. A plethora of pretty pink hues from pale blushes to shocking fuchsias also echo the 2016 Pantone blending of Rose Quartz and Serenity, which speak to shoppers seeking mindfulness and well-being as well as a yearning for reassurance and security. Pinks create spaces that are both elegant and unassuming, and which blend beautifully with neutrals to bestow a pleasing sense of harmony, tranquility, and calmness.

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