Memorial Wind Chimes

Bring happy memories to your outdoor areas with our calming wind chimes, memorial chimes and commemorative chimes

Add comfort, peace and serenity to your home with our range of memorial wind chimes.

Memorial wind chimes are a unique, soothing way to memorialise your loved ones, friends, relatives and pets. Our chimes come with a memorial urn designed to store ashes or a small keepsake, so you can remember your loved one every time your wind chime plays.

We stock a range of beautiful, expertly designed and long-lasting wind chimes from Woodstock Chimes, the world’s leading supplier of quality wind chimes, bells and other wind instruments. Professionally tuned by Grammy-award-winning musician Garry Kvistad, Woodstock Chimes has been making superior wind chimes for over 40 years. From memorial chimes to windbells, zenergy chimes, melody chimes, meditation chimes and more, we’ve got the right sound for your space.

Browse our range of wind chimes, memorial chimes and more online and find the right musical tribute for your loved ones today.

Whether you’re honouring a loved one or memorialising a beloved pet, we’ve got the right memorial wind chimes for you

At Gift N Garden, we understand how important, unique and tasteful your memorial wind chime needs to be. That’s why we’ve stocked our range with a selection of wind chimes to give your loved ones the perfect tribute.

Melody memorial chimes

Woodstock Chimes’ expertly designed wind chimes can be tuned to play specific tunes and melodies when struck. Our Amazing Grace Chime includes a tasteful cast metal urn and plays the opening notes of the familiar tune, Amazing Grace. Enjoy the song’s message of hope and redemption as you relax on your deck, patio or other outdoor areas.

The Amazing Grace Chime also includes a removable wind catcher made from cherry-finish ash wood, designed to be professionally engraved. The wind catcher can also be silk-screened with a personal message, quotation, verse or small drawing, giving you the freedom to personalise your charm.

Pet memorial chimes

Memorialise your favourite pets with our beautiful, soothing pet memorial chimes. Available for cats and dogs, these chimes are made with Bubinga-finished ash wood, silver aluminium tubes and include a watertight, nickel-plated urn to store ashes or a small keepsake. The wind catcher can be removed and engraved or silk-screened with a personal message.

Our pet memorial chimes are tuned to a traditional Balinese scale and produce a peaceful, calming sound. They also include a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Remember your loved one with a tasteful, unique memorial wind chime from our range. Order online and get free shipping when you spend over $100.

FAQs about memorial wind chimes

How do I know what my memorial chime will sound like before purchasing?

At Gift N Garden, we want all our customers to be happy with their new memorial wind chime. That’s why we include videos on each of our product pages that play a small snippet of your chime, so you can rest assured your new chime is perfectly suited for your outdoor areas.

To find your chime preview, simply click on your chime of choice and scroll down to the embedded YouTube video. Click play and enjoy the soothing sound of our elegant Woodstock Chimes.

Is it safe to display memorial chimes outside?

Yes. Much like any other type of wind chime, it’s safe to hang your wind chime in outdoor areas like decks, patios, verandahs and by the front door. However, we recommend hanging your chimes in covered areas. Hanging a wind chime in an exposed area provides limited protection from the elements, meaning your wind chime is more likely to be damaged, fall from its hook or knock any surrounding walls.

Always ensure your memorial chimes are placed undercover and are sufficiently protected from harsh weather, dirt, dust and strong winds.

This is especially important for memorial chimes that include a keepsake urn. Keepsakes urns are securely attached to your memorial chimes. However, the urns are also made to be removed manually — if not properly secured after removing, the keepsake urn may fall off your memorial chime in heavy winds or bad weather.

During bad weather, we recommend removing your wind chime and hanging it inside your home until conditions clear up. To avoid adding too much noise to your living areas, hang your chime from a small hook in your garage to keep it upright and properly tuned.

Are any other melody chimes available?

Yes, we stock a huge range of melody chimes that are each tuned to play a different melody. Our range of melody chimes includes:

  • Amazing Grace — Originating in the United States, Amazing Grace has become one of the most beloved tunes across the world. Experiencing this hopeful melody in your home with our Amazing Grace chime.
  • Big Ben — Transport yourself to the city of London with our Westminster chime, tuned to play the familiar notes of London’s Big Ben clock. Perfect for fans of the UK or former UK residents, bring back happy, calming memories with this soothing melody chime.
  • Celtic Melody — Featuring a genuine agate windcatcher, this melody chime has been precisely tuned to evoke the soulful sounds of a traditional Celtic melody.
  • Chicago Blues — Take yourself to the centre of Chicago’s blues and jazz community with our classic, timeless Chicago Blues chime. Made with stylish ash wood, this chime evokes the feel of the city and the boogie-woogie style of performers including Tommy Dorsey, Muddy Waters and more.
  • Chimes of Olympos — Evoke the history of Ancient Greece with this beautiful, soothing melody chime. Tune to an ancient Greek pentatonic scale, this chime plays the familiar tune created by the Phrygian flutist Olympos.
  • Gregorian Chants — This calm, uplifting wind chime is tuned to a medieval scale to play the peaceful patterns of a comforting Gregorian chart. Happy Birthday — Play the sweet opening notes of everyone’s favourite tune,
  • Happy Birthday — Perfect for special occasions or everyday use, this bright, cheery chime is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
  • Mozart — Expertly tuned to the notes of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, this beautiful, calming chime will help you unwind on your deck, porch or patio. This chime also includes a removable wind catcher that can be engraved or silk-screened with a quote, drawing or initials.
  • Waltzing Matilda — This bestselling melody chime plays the classic opening notes of one of Australia’s most beloved tunes, Waltzing Matilda.
Explore our full range of melody chimes online and find the perfect tune for your outdoor settings.

How much does shipping cost?

At Gift N Garden, we offer free shipping for orders within Australia when you spend over $100. We also provide flat-rate regular shipping for $9.95 or express shipping for $15.95, Australia-wide.

We work with a range of local couriers to ensure your delivery reaches you as quickly, efficiently and safely. Orders typically take 1-6 days to arrive after being dispatched from our warehouse. We’ll provide you with shipping information and a tracking number for your order.


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