Wind Gongs

Our classic wind chime gongs are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor setting

Wind gongs create a lush and peaceful sound that can turn your garden into a relaxing sanctuary, perfect for meditating, reflecting or unwinding after a stressful day. 

When the wind blows, the soft ring of our wind gongs combines with nature's gentle breeze to produce a rich, captivating sound. Wind gongs range from low dull thuds to bright and melodic chimes, creating a sublime blend of music that will relax and soothe you and your loved ones all day long.

Browse our full range of wind gongs and wind chimes online and discover the power of peaceful meditation with Gift N Garden

Durable, high-quality wind gongs in a range of elegant colours

Originating from Ancient China, wind gongs can be made from a variety of metals including bronze, brass, copper, and aluminium. They are cut into circular shapes with raised hammer marks to create a uniquely textured surface. The metal is then hung with cords and struck by hand or wind-activated mallets, which produces beautiful musical tones.

Thanks to their durable materials and high-quality construction, our wind gongs won't rust, corrode or warp in the elements with proper upkeep. They can also be decorated with beads or shells hanging from the cords!

Whether you need a tool for relaxing and meditating or you’re simply decorating your outdoor areas, explore our collection and find the perfect wind chime gong for your home today!


How are wind gongs played?

Wind gongs are usually played by the wind which knocks the attached clapper, creating a rich, beautiful melody that resonates throughout your space. Wind chime gongs can also be struck with mallets to produce a gentle ringing tone that lasts several seconds.

The sound of your gong will sustain for longer depending on how hard you strike the gong. We recommend striking your gong softly at first before experimenting with louder notes to avoid hurting your ears or annoying your neighbours!

Can I hear my wind gong before I place my order?

Yes! We want all our customers to be happy with their new wind gongs. We’ve added video demonstrations to each of our product pages that show your gong being played.

Simply click on each product and scroll down to the embedded video player. Click play and you’ll hear an accurate recording of your wind gong of choice!

We provide video recordings for our entire range of wind chimes, gongs, windbells and more to help you find the right sound for your space. So whether you’re after a sweet, soft melody or a deeper tone, we’ve got the right chime for you!

Do you deliver across Australia?

Yes. At Gift N Garden, we ship our full range of products Australia-wide.

Shipping times will vary based on your location and may be longer for remote locations. All items are dispatched from our warehouse and we aim to ship your items as soon as possible. On average, you should receive your order within 1-6 business days of placing your order.

For more information about our shipping policy or for help with your order, get in touch with our team!

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