Meditation Chimes

Clear your mind with a set of relaxing meditation chimes and gongs from Gift N Garden 

Meditation chimes are a powerful tool for promoting peacefulness, clear-headedness and focus during and after meditation. Whether you’re unwinding in your garden, practising yoga or completing a group meditation class, our chimes will open your mind and body to the power of meditation.

At Gift N Garden, we stock Australia’s finest collection of meditation chimes and gongs, wind chimeswind bells and zenergy chimes from Woodstock Chimes. As the world’s leading supplier of high-quality chimes, Woodstock Chimes are expertly tuned to provide unmatched sound, exceptional value and years of beautiful sound.

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Meditation wind chimes are the perfect tool for outdoor yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities 

Whether you’re looking to improve your guided meditation or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, we’ve got the right meditation chimes and gongs for you. Our range of meditation chimes includes zenergy chimes and meditation wind chimes perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Zenergy chimes

Zenergy Meditation Chimes are designed to be tolled at key points during meditation and relaxation activities. Each chime features two slender rods attached to a hand-carved bar of cherry-finish ash wood or carbonised laminated bamboo. Each rod is tuned to a slightly different frequency and, when struck, will emit a long, sustained ring that helps clear your mind and focus your attention.

Our Zenergy Meditation Chimes are available with one, three or five rods and come with a durable mallet.

Meditation wind chimes

While Zenergy Meditation Chimes are designed to be used manually, our range of Woodstock Meditation Wind Chimes are the perfect way to add a sense of peace and serenity to your space all day long. Our meditation wind chimes can be hung in living rooms, bedrooms, decks and patios — plus, they can even be attached to trees to create a tranquil garden oasis! They feature beautiful crystal accents including a crystal clapper and crystal wind-catcher, perfect for catching the light on sunny days.

The chimes’ six aluminium tubes are easy to clean and — with proper upkeep — will retain their stylish appearance for years to come.

FAQs about meditation chimes 

How do I use a meditation chime?

Meditation chimes are generally used to signal the start or end of an activity. For example, many people play a meditation chime at the start of a yoga session, group meditation exercise or when cooling down from a workout. This allows you to focus your mind and can help you achieve a more relaxed, calm state during mindfulness activities.

To use your meditation chime, gently tap each rod in succession with the provided mallet. You can tap the rods in any order or just tap one rod, depending on your preference. Always avoid letting the mallet rest on the rod after tapping it, as this can dampen the sound.

What activities can I use my meditation chimes for?

Meditation can broadly be defined as any type of activity that slows down the pace of your mind and helps you feel calmer and more peaceful. Because of this, meditation chimes can be used during a range of different activities, including:

  • Group or solo meditation sessions
  • Yoga
  • Stretching exercises
  • Cooldown sessions after exercising
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Massages
  • Prayer
  • Therapy or counselling sessions

Not sure what type of meditation chime is right for you? Contact our friendly team and find the right chime for your mindfulness activities, meditation and more.

Why is sound important for meditation?

Sound is a huge part of the meditation process and is commonly used to signal the beginning and end of a meditation session. During meditation, our minds tend to wander and focus on outside distractions which can pull us out of the session. The sound of meditation chimes and gongs at the beginning of a session can help clear our minds and refocus our attention on the task at hand. This can help eliminate distractions and remove outside influences throughout the process.

Sound is believed to deepen the meditation process and help us achieve a more relaxed state of mind. Zenergy meditation chimes are used to “reset” your breathing and can be used for meditative breathing activities.

How do I care for my meditation wind chimes?

Our meditation wind chimes are easy to take care of thanks to their easy-to-clean aluminium tubes. Simply wipe the tubes with a clean, damp cloth using a soap and water solution. For light cleaning, a feather duster or dry cloth can be used to remove dust, sand and other debris.

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