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Enhance your meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises with our range of Woodstock Zenergy Chimes

Often used in meditation and healing, Zenergy Chimes are a powerful tool for creating a calm, soothing and relaxed feeling in your space. Suitable for yoga classes, massages, acupuncture and a range of other relaxation techniques, Zenergy Chimes produce a powerful, beautiful tone that can refocus the mind and keep your classes on track. Made with durable ash wood and aluminium, our Woodstock Zenergy Chimes are expertly tuned for a range of small and large group settings.

Whether you’re looking to refocus your mind, enhance your meditations or add a beautiful decoration to your home, find the right finishing touch for your space with Gift N Garden. From soothing wind chimes to sparkly suncatchers, gorgeous jewellery boxes and stunning furniture, our range will help you transform your home into a calm, soothing and tranquil oasis.

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Feel calm, focused and centred with the soothing tones from our Zenergy Chimes

Zenergy chimes are a great way to refocus your mind and centre your thoughts before, during and after a range of relaxation techniques. From yoga to meditation, massages, spa treatments and more, a Zenergy Chime will put you and your group in the right state of mind. They’re also useful for instructors in classrooms and large groups to help draw attention without using harsh tones or loud noises, ensuring your class remains peaceful, calm and ready to learn.

Our range of Woodstock Zenergy Chimes includes solo chimes, trio chimes and quintet chimes designed to add the right sound to your space. For a musical touch, our Amazing Grace Zenergy Chime is tuned to the familiar opening tune of one of the world’s favourite hymns, Amazing Grace.

Keep your space calm, focused and relaxed with our range of Woodstock Zenergy Chimes. Shop online today!

Zenergy Chime FAQs

Can Zenergy Chimes be used in workshops or classrooms?

Yes. Zenergy Chimes are a popular addition to a range of different yoga and meditation classes. They’re a great way to refocus your group and command their attention without being stern or demanding, letting you maintain a calm, soothing atmosphere in the space.

Zenergy Chimes are also used at the end of massages, acupuncture treatments and other healing sessions to signify the end of the treatment. This can help clients refocus their energy and reorient themselves before heading back into the world.

Zenergy Chimes can be used in classrooms of all ages to draw the attention of a large group — plus, it prevents kindergarten and primary school teachers from raising their voices to be heard.

We recommend explaining the meaning of the chime to your class, group or clients at the beginning of your session. For massages or other healing sessions, the tone can signify the end of a session. For yoga classes, the chime can mean it’s time to be quiet and listen to the instructor.

Zenergy chimes can also be used at the start of a session to pull the attention of your class and put them in a calm, relaxed and focused state of mind. Always make sure your Zenergy Chimes are used in a positive context rather than as a form of punishment or discipline, as this can add a negative connotation to the chime and spoil the calm, soothing atmosphere of your space.

Are Zenergy Chimes durable?

Yes. Our Woodstock Zenergy Chimes are made with a cherry finish ash wood or carbonised laminated bamboo base and sturdy, polished aluminium rods. The rods are designed to stand up against long-term use with the included mallet.

We recommend gently tapping the rods with the included mallet rather than tapping them by hand or striking them roughly. This can potentially damage the mallet and will produce a harsh, unpleasant sound. When using your Zenergy Chime, give the rods a soft, gentle tap with the mallet to produce a calm, soothing tone.

Can I hear your Zenergy Chimes before making my purchase?

Yes. At Gift N Garden, we want all our customers to be happy with their new Zenergy Chime. That’s why we’ve included a handy YouTube demonstration of each chime on our product pages.

Simply click on your chime of choice and scroll down. There, you’ll find a YouTube video featuring a short clip of your chime being played. This way, you can know exactly how your chime will sound before purchasing!

What’s the difference between a Zenergy Chime and a wind chime?

Wind chimes are hanging chimes designed to be placed in outdoor areas. Unlike Zenergy Chimes, wind chimes are not played by hand — instead, they’re played automatically when wind passes through the wind chime tubes, causing the tubes to knock against the striker or clapper in between the tubes. The tone, volume and length of the sound depends on the speed and duration of the wind.

Zenergy chimes are designed to be placed on the floor or carried by hand and are played by gently tapping each aluminium tube with a small mallet. This makes them a portable, convenient option for playing a sound at a particular time.

Wind chimes are a great option if you’re looking to add a calm, soothing sound to your deck, patio or outdoor living areas. If you’re looking for a chime that can be controlled manually or used for yoga classes, meditations and relaxation treatments, a Zenergy Chime is the right choice for you.

How much will shipping cost for my new Zenergy Chime?

Standard flat-rate shipping is available for $9.95 on our entire range of products. Need your new Zenergy Chime in a hurry? Choose Express Shipping at checkout for $15.95 with every order.

We also provide free shipping when you spend over $100 on your order. Exceptions apply when delivering to remote areas and for heavy items in our Furniture & Accessories range. Get in touch with our team before placing your order to see if your items qualify for free shipping.

At Gift N Garden, we work hard to ensure your items reach you quickly, safely and on time. We use a network of reliable couriers to deliver your items and will provide you with tracking information as soon as your items have shipped. Orders generally arrive within 1 to 6 business days of placing your order, but delays can occur during holiday periods or due to external factors such as bad weather, courier delays or COVID-19-related issues.

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