Crystal Guardian Angel Suncatchers

Bring peace and tranquillity to your space with our range of gorgeous crystal angels

Crystal guardian angels are a timeless, beautiful way to add a sense of calm and joy to your home. Made with elegant crystals and available in a range of different hues, our angel crystals catch and reflect sunlight to create colourful flecks of light and rainbow patterns across your room — making them a great choice for hanging near windows or other brightly lit areas.

Our crystal angels come with an elegant sheer organza gift bag and are made with genuine Austrian crystals. Plus, pair your crystal angel with our soothing wind chimes and turn your home into a calm, relaxing oasis!

Our guardian angels are made with different coloured crystals inspired by each month’s birthstone, like amethyst for February, emerald for May, garnet for January and more.

Whether you’re decorating your home or you need a gorgeous gift for the crystal lover in your life, our crystal guardian angels will brighten up any room. Order online and bring your space to life with an angel crystal suncatcher today!

Hanging angel crystals are a beautiful finishing touch for your Christmas tree, window or shelf

Whether you’re decorating your Christmas tree or adding a gorgeous finishing touch to your living room, our crystal guardian angels can be hung anywhere in your home!

When hanging your crystal angel, we recommend choosing a space with plenty of natural light. Crystal angels are typically hung from windows to reflect sunbeams as they enter your home, but they can also be hung from shelves and other decorations to add an elegant finishing touch. Our angels are especially popular for Christmas trees and will sparkle alongside your lights, making them a great fit for the festive season!

For bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, festive decorations and more, make your space shine with a beautiful angel crystal from our range today!

Our angel crystal suncatchers feature soft, beautiful hues inspired by your birthstone

With their vibrant shimmer and beautiful rainbow colours, crystal guardian angels have been popular for decades thanks to their unique spiritual meanings.

In spirituality, rainbows symbolise peace, positive energy and good karma — for example, Buddhists believe that rainbows symbolise the highest state of consciousness that can be achieved before reaching Nirvana. The seven energy chakras of the body are each represented by a different colour and create a rainbow when combined.

Suncatchers are also used to enhance the energy and Feng Shui of a space. Feng Shui is all about how an item’s placement affects the flow of energy in a space. Spiritualists believe that suncatchers catch the positive energy from the sun and spread it around the room, making the space more inviting, positive and energised.

Whether you’re a spiritual person or you just enjoy the colours of the rainbow, a crystal guardian angel is a great way to add extra shine, sparkle and colour to your space. We provide fast shipping on our range of hanging angels, crystal fantasy decorations, wind chimes and more. Shop angel crystal suncatchers online today and energise your space with Gift N Garden!

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