Outdoor Clocks

Add a touch of beauty to your space with our stunning outdoor wall clocks

A good outdoor living space should combine style, comfort and convenience in one beautiful package. An outdoor clock is a perfect way to decorate your space and add a cosy, elegant touch to your decks, patios, verandahs and garden areas!

Keep track of time while working in the garden, relaxing on your deck or cooking on the BBQ with a durable, trendy outdoor clock from our range. From scorching summers to frosty winters and everything in between, our clocks feature weather-resistant housing suitable for harsh weather conditions all year round. Our range also includes outdoor clocks with built-in thermometers so you can easily check the temperature in your garden, greenhouse or patio.

Made with high-quality materials including polyresin, metal and metal-effect frames, our weatherproof clocks can stand up against the elements and provide years of style and comfort. Plus, our metal-framed clocks feature antique rust finishes that complement a range of outdoor furniture, accessories and accent pieces. They can also be used indoors to add a rustic touch to your interior decor.

At Gift N Garden, we stock a huge range of indoor and outdoor accessories to bring your spaces to life. From wind chimes to suncatchers, furniture and more, we’ve got the right finishing touch for your space. Add an elegant accent piece to your home with our range of classic outdoor clocks — order online today!

Whether you’re decorating your deck or bringing your patio to life, we’ve got the right clock for gardens of all kinds!

Our gorgeous outdoor wall clocks can be hung in a range of spots to bring your exterior decor to life! Not sure where to hang your new outdoor clock? No worries. Take a look at our styling guide for outdoor clocks and find the perfect place for your new clock.

  • Decks. Outdoor wall clocks are a great way to keep track of time or add a touch of flair to your deck. We recommend hanging your clock where it will be most visible on your deck. For example, if your deck is used as an outdoor dining area, place your clock where the majority of guests can see it wherever they’re seated.

Gardens. An outdoor clock for gardens is a great way to watch the time while planting or watering your lawn. We recommend placing your clock on a sturdy vertical surface like a thick post or a nearby exterior wall. Avoid placing your clock within direct sunlight, as this can affect the temperature readings of the built-in thermometer.

Greenhouses. While our range of outdoor clocks is weatherproof, we recommend keeping them away from direct moisture. If you’re looking to add an outdoor wall clock to your greenhouse, try placing it in a high spot where it’s less likely to get splashed when watering.

Exterior walls. For the side of your home, we recommend placing your outdoor wall clock under a shaded, covered section. While our clocks are weatherproof, they can also be damaged when exposed to wet weather.

As a general rule, your outdoor clock should be hung in shaded, covered areas to avoid excessive sunlight, wind and rain. This will help you stop any glare from obscuring your clock.

Explore our full range of outdoor wall clocks and discover the possibilities for your space. Order now and get your new weatherproof outdoor clock Australia-wide!

Made with durable weatherproof materials, our outdoor clocks can be used all year round

Here in Australia, we’re blessed to have some of the best weather conditions in the world right in our backyards. However, we all know how unpredictable Aussie weather can be, especially during harsh winters and scorching summer seasons.

Whether you’re furnishing your deck, covered patio or exterior walls, our exceptionally made outdoor clocks can withstand a range of weather conditions with ease. Made from durable polyresin and metal materials, our clocks can stand up against strong winds, harsh sunlight, frost and sweltering humidity without breaking a sweat!

Polyresin outdoor clocks

Polyresin is one of the most popular materials used for creating outdoor furniture and decor. Our polyresin clocks provide total weather resistance, making them suitable for a range of climates and outdoor areas.

Polyresin, also known as polyester resin, is a form of flexible resin that can be made into different shapes and configurations when heated. Using moulds, polyresin can be transformed into a range of products from clocks to figurines, furniture and more — while still being affordable.

Polyresin products have a smooth fibreglass-like sheen and different finishes, making them an attractive option for a range of indoor and outdoor areas. They can also be easily decorated throughout the design process with intricate patterns and designs. Our polyresin clocks combine the traditional vintage look of antique products with the convenience and durability of modern materials.

Metal-effect outdoor clocks

Our range of outdoor clocks also includes clocks with stylish metal-effect frames and finishes. Metal-effect clocks are made with a faux metal treatment that mimics the appearance of real metal finishes like steel, aluminium, bronze and more. This gives you the sophisticated look of a metal clock without the extra weight or larger price tag. Metal-effect clocks also won’t rust.

Much like polyresin, our metal-effect clocks can stand up against harsh weather and are designed to provide years of exceptional durability and style for your outdoor areas. We recommend our metal-effect clocks if you’re looking to add a touch of classic, traditional styling to your space.

Metal clocks

For a more authentic feel, our metal outdoor wall clocks feature an elegant antique rust finish. These fully weather-resistant clocks can be used indoors and outdoors for a range of traditional and modern decors. Despite being made with sturdy metal, our clocks are light enough to be safely hung from most surfaces including indoor walls, wooden pillars, brick surfaces and more.

Not sure which type of outdoor clock is right for your home? We’re here to help! Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you find the right outdoor clock for gardens, patios, decks or indoor areas. Contact us today.

FAQs about outdoor clocks

What’s the best way to clean the frame of my outdoor clock?

While our outdoor clocks are easy to use and require very little maintenance, we recommend cleaning them regularly to avoid dust, dirt and grime building up over time. This is especially important in outdoor areas prone to bad weather, dust and strong winds. Take a look at our guide below for cleaning your polyresin, metal-effect and metal outdoor clocks.

— Cleaning polyresin and metal-effect outdoor clocks — Polyresin and metal-effect clocks are quick and easy to clean. Use a small amount of cleaning detergent and warm water to wipe the frame of your clock with a clean, soft cloth. Then, wipe your clock with a dry cloth. This will prevent any remaining soap from drying on the surface of your clock and creating spots. If soap spots appear on your clock frame, simply wipe them away with a dry cloth.

While most sponges are soft enough to be used on outdoor wall clocks, we recommend using cloths because of their softer material. Using a cloth makes it easier to remove dirt and grime from small crevices, particularly on the back of your clock.

— Cleaning metal outdoor clocks — Similar to polyresin and metal-effect clocks, your metal clock can be cleaned with a simple solution of detergent and warm water. Use a damp cloth to wipe the frame of your clock and remove any dust, dirt or grime. For metal clocks, always ensure your cloth is soft and lint-free to avoid scratching the clock’s surface.

The main difference between cleaning metal clocks and cleaning polyresin and metal-effect clocks is rust. If your metal clock has started to rust, we recommend using a steel wool pad to remove it gently. Then, wipe your clock with a dry cloth to remove any residue or moisture from its surface.

Do outdoor clocks require batteries?

Yes, our outdoor clocks require batteries in the rear battery compartment. Our clocks have been designed with sturdy materials to prevent the battery compartment and quartz movement from getting damaged from bumps, knocks and bad weather. If your battery runs out, simply open the back compartment and replace it with a new one.

For more information on our outdoor clock batteries or for assistance with setting up your outdoor clock, get in touch with our team online.

What should I look for in a high-quality outdoor clock?

The main feature to look for in a high-quality outdoor clock is weather protection. Outdoor clocks need to be made with sturdy, reliable materials that can stand up against harsh weather. That means your clock needs to be made from weatherproof composites like metal, metal-effect and polyresin materials to provide excellent long-term use.

Weatherproofing is essential for all outdoor clocks, even if you’re placing your clock under a sheltered or covered area such as a deck. While covered areas may protect your clock from rain and moisture, your clock will still be exposed to harsh weather conditions such as the following. 

— Strong winds
— Humid climates
— High temperatures
— Frost
— Dust and sand

    Outdoor wall clocks also need to be sturdy enough to handle knocks, scrapes and drops in case strong winds knock your clock off its handle. While indoor clocks will land on hardwood floors or soft carpeting, outdoor clocks are generally placed above timber decking, tiles and concrete slabs.

    At Gift N Garden, we understand how important durability is for keeping your outdoor clocks safe. Our durable, high-quality range is made with durable polyresin, metal and metal-effect materials, making them a great clock for gardens, decks, patios, verandahs and a whole range of other outdoor areas.

    Browse our full selection of gorgeous, durable and long-lasting clocks online. We’ll deliver your new weatherproof outdoor clock Australia-wide!

    How big should my outdoor clock be?

    Outdoor wall clocks can look good anywhere in your garden, from exterior walls to decks, patios and more. When it comes to choosing the right size for your outdoor clock, remember that outdoor clocks are generally designed for outdoor spaces that are often larger than traditional living rooms and bedrooms. This means that the bigger your clock is, the more likely you are to be able to see it from longer distances like across the lawn or on the other side of your deck.

    Our range of outdoor wall clocks is available in three sizes: 30cm, 38cm and 58cm.

    30 cm clocks and 38 cm clocks are ideal for most outdoor areas. Both sizes are large enough to be visible from a distance while also being suitable for small surface areas. This makes them easier to place next to exterior windows or other decorations.

    Our 58 cm outdoor clocks are best used on large surface areas. We recommend this size if you’re looking to add a statement piece to your outdoor settings. A stylish outdoor clock can tie your space together and create a charming, elegant feel within a variety of settings.

    Because of their size, always ensure your large outdoor clock is properly mounted and not exposed to excessive wind. If your clock wobbles when touched or during strong winds, we recommend hanging it in a different location or using an alternative hanging method to ensure it doesn’t fall and break.

    If you need help choosing the right clock size for your outdoor areas, get in touch with our team. We’ll walk you through our entire range to ensure you choose the right look, feel, material and size for your outdoor clock. Contact us today or explore our range online!

    Are the thermometers on outdoor clocks accurate?

    Yes, our outdoor thermometers provide accurate readings of the current temperature in your outdoor settings. However, exposing your outdoor clock to direct sunlight will heat up the clock and produce an inaccurate temperature reading.

    While our outdoor clocks are designed with weatherproof materials to withstand the elements, long-term exposure to direct sunlight can damage your thermometer and cause inaccurate temperature readings. We recommend hanging your outdoor clock in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight for the best results.

    Do your outdoor clocks automatically adjust for time changes?

    No. Our outdoor clocks need to be manually adjusted during time changes throughout the year such as daylight savings.

    To change the time on your clock, simply remove your clock from its hanging position and flip it over. The backside of your clock includes an adjustable knob that can be controlled by hand. Use this to adjust the time on your clock, then hang it back up. We recommend comparing the time on your clock to the time on your smartphone or watch to ensure its accuracy.

    Do your outdoor clocks illuminate at night?

    No, our outdoor clocks do not illuminate at night. The clock hands on our polyresin outdoor wall clocks are made with sleek, stylish metal which does not light up. We recommend installing a light in your outdoor areas to keep your clock visible whenever you need it.

    Can outdoor clocks be used indoors?

    Yes, our range of durable outdoor clocks can also be used indoors. Our clocks feature sleek polyresin, metal-effect and real metal frames that make them a stylish and attractive addition to a range of decors. Depending on the size and surface area of your interior spaces, an outdoor clock could be a great fit for your living room, bedroom, hallway and more.

    Thanks to their weatherproof materials and durable design, our outdoor clocks are also a good fit for moist, humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re looking to add a clock to your bathroom, take a look at our range and discover the possibilities for your interior decor.

    How much does shipping cost?

    We provide free shipping across our entire range for customers who spend $100 or more. We also provide $9.95 flat rate shipping for orders under $100.

    Need your new outdoor clock in a hurry? Whether you’re decorating your space or looking for that perfect gift for a friend, we provide fast express shipping for all orders. Express shipping is available for a flat rate fee of $15.95.

    We deliver Australia-wide, so you can experience the joy and convenience of adding an outdoor clock to your space wherever you are. For more information on our shipping policy, contact our team today.

    When will my order arrive?

    At Gift N Garden, we go the extra mile to ensure your products are delivered as quickly as possible. On average, your items should arrive within 1-6 days of placing your order. However, delays can occur over the holiday period or due to delays with our courier services.

    We’ll provide you with tracking information once your order is dispatched so you can keep an eye on your items in transit. We ship nationally, so you can decorate your garden with a gorgeous weatherproof outdoor clock Australia-wide!

    Our items are available for delivery during standard business hours, Monday to Friday. For more information on our shipping process, get in touch with our team.

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