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Wind chimes are a beautiful way to add tranquility to your home or outdoor space. At Gift N Garden, we make it easy to find original, distinctive wind chimes made with quality craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail. We supply quality products from a range of independent makers and globally beloved brands like Woodstock Chimes. For over 50 years, Woodstock Chimes have crafted beautiful, calming wind chimes that are enjoyed worldwide. Designed by Grammy award-winning musician Garry Kvistad, each wind chime is carefully tuned to add the perfect sound to your space. Browse our range and receive fast shipping on Woodstock Chimes Australia-wide!

Add a touch of calm to your home with our range of Woodstock wind chimes

Wind chimes are percussion instruments made with metal or wooden tubes that are suspended and hung in outdoor areas. When the wind blows, the tubes will gently knock against each other and against the “clapper” in the centre of the chime to create a pleasant, calming sound. Some wind chimes are even tuned to play specific melodies like Amazing Grace!

The first-ever wind chimes were found in ancient Chinese civilisations in 1100 BC; called “Fenglings,” these chimes were used to attract friendly spirits. When trade routes opened between Eastern and Western countries in the 19th century, wind chimes soon became an exotic feature in Western homes.

Some believe that wind chimes can cure negative energy, while most people simply enjoy the soft and calming sound of a wind chime playing in the breeze. They create a calm, relaxing sound that makes them a popular choice for meditation and unwinding.

While wind chimes are mainly seen as a decorative feature, they’re technically classed as musical instruments. Because of this, wind chimes need to be properly tuned to create the perfect, relaxing sound. This precise tuning has made Woodstock Chimes Australia’s choice for affordable, beautiful wind chimes that will enrich your home for years.

Our Woodstock chimes include a lifetime tuning guarantee

Our selection of wind chimes includes eye-catching gemstone chimes and agate chimes, temple chimes, bell chimes, and more! We also stock a range of Woodstock Zenergy chimes that can be played by hand.

Gemstone wind chimes — Gemstones are a timeless feature in any home and many consider each gem to have special properties that can enhance certain feelings in your home. Our range of gemstone wind chimes includes amethyst, crystal, jade, tiger’s eye, rose quartz and more. Rather than wood, these chimes use gemstones as the clapper which gives them a delicate, lighter pitch. We recommend researching which gemstone will bring the right energy to your home.

Agate wind chimes — Agate is a gorgeous ornamental quartz stone available in a range of dreamy, naturally occurring colours including blue agate, brown agate, green agate and more. Formed from volcanic rock, agate is seen as a “grounding” stone that promotes balance and calm vibes.

Zenergy wind chimes — Unlike regular wind chimes, our Zenergy chimes are designed to be played manually with a sturdy mallet and come with their own song sheets. Our range includes solo chimes, trio chimes and quintet chimes, as well as a Zenergy chime tuned to the melody of Amazing Grace.

Planet-themed wind chimes — For astronomy (and astrology) lovers, we stock a selection of planet-themed wind chimes including Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Mars and the Earth! Collect them all to create a beautiful interstellar harmony.

FAQs about wind chimes

Can I check what my wind chime will sound like?

Yes! Wind chimes are a great way to set the mood in your home — that’s why it’s essential to find the perfect sound. Our range of Woodstock Chimes includes a handy video demonstration that plays a short sample of each chime! Simply click on any wind chime from our range, scroll down and hit play on the embedded video.

Do you sell memorial wind chimes?

Yes, we do. Our Woodstock Amazing Grace chime comes with a small cast metal keepsake urn on the chime top to store special mementos like ashes, a lock of hair or a small poem. It also includes a detachable windcatcher that can be removed and engraved. This chime is tuned to play the comforting opening tones of Amazing Grace. Our cat memorial chime and dog memorial chime come with a small urn and a removable, customisable windcatcher featuring a pet engraving. These chimes are tuned to play a soothing traditional Balinese gamelan orchestra.

Is a wind charm the same as a wind chime?

The term wind charm describes a wide range of hanging ornaments designed to make noise, or react in some manner when caught by the wind. Wind charms include the subgroup of wind chimes, which are hung specifically as to chime when blown by the wind. Wind charms can be made in a large range of materials, whereas chimes tend to be made of metal or glass to provide the best acoustics.

How much does shipping cost?

We provide free shipping for all orders over $100 within Australia. For orders under $100, we charge the following rates.

Regular post — $9.95 flat rate shipping.
Express post — $15.95 flat rate shipping.

We partner with a network of reliable couriers to safely and quickly deliver your Woodstock wind chimes Australia-wide. We’ll provide tracking information for your order once it has been dispatched. Depending on your location and courier availability, your order should arrive within 1-6 business days.

Contact us with any enquiries about your order.

Returns policy

At Gift N Garden, we want you to be happy with your Woodstock wind chimes. If you’ve changed your mind about your order, we provide a 30-day window for returns valid from the date you receive it.

You will receive store credit for your return, minus the cost of shipping to your location and the shipping cost for returning your order.

Change of mind returns are only valid for items in their original condition and packaging. We do not accept returns for special orders, clearance items or gift cards.

If your item arrives damaged or faulty, we’re happy to help! Send us photos of the fault within 3 days of your order arriving and we’ll assess the issue. Check our full returns policy for more information.

To make a return, get in touch with us at info@giftngarden.com.au and include your name and order number in your email.

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